Sunday, May 16

Happy Birthday :)

We've had a fun weekend here :) Miss Emma turned 1 on the 14th and my cutie Levi turned 4 on the 16th! I really cannot believe how fast time has just flown by! Levi is thrilled that he has his birthday with Miss Leah and always tells everyone that he's lucky because of that. It's a traition at our house to celebrate big and fun on your "real birthday". Tomio always takes off from work and we celebrate all day. This year it was acceptable to celebrate Levi's and Emma's birthdays together since a) she doesn't really mind yet since she is just turning one, and b) she was sick on the 14th and couldn't do anything. So we went out to breakfast, went to bowling, opened lots of presents, ate ice cream cake and watched a movie :) Levi was looking forward to his "real birthday" all week, and kept telling everyone that he is 4 now :) Tomio searched and searched and was able to find Levi some actual batman toys. I was pretty sure they wouldn't have any here, but Tomio found 2 sets. Levi was SO happy--there is nothing he wanted more,but I warned him I didn't think they would have any here in Japan.  I love how we celebrate birthdays. It's just so fun celebrating as a whole family. So perfect. *smile*

No card today....just a fun birthday post for my cuties :) I'll be back next time with som crafty-ness :)
I hope you had as wonderful a weekend as I did. And get to spend time with your families :)

Thank you so much for stopping by!!

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