Tuesday, May 4

a layout in progress...

So sorry, again! I hadn't realized it had been so long since I posted...I am here :) I've just been at home, cleaning and making cards :) Tomio has been taking Leah golfing I think every day this break. Apparently, he met the father of last year's junior golf champion at the driving range a couple days ago. Tomio said that he noticed him watching Leah's practice.  He told Tomio that Leah had an excellent swing :) Tomio had been telling me all along that Leah had a great swing, but he was so proud that the "champion's dad" thought so too :) :) :) I love it that Leah enjoys it and works hard at it. I'm so proud of her :)

Anyway, here is a layout that I created recently.
Just some pictures of my silly cute boys:) I really like the hand stitching I did around the edges. But to be honest, I think I it is missing  something in the upper right section. I debated about it while I was making it. But it was until I took these pictures that I was sure. SO, most likely, as soon as I am done with this and if Miss Emma stays content :), I will be adding something there. I'll post it again once I do and you all can see if you agree with me :)

I think all the patten papers are from Fancy Pants. I buy from several manufacturers, but Fancy Pants ones almost always turn out to be my favorites. I love Basic Grey too, but I often find those a little harder to actually use for some reason. That never stops me from getting them though heehee :) And when I DO use them, I always like them.

Well, thanks for stopping by!! I've enjoyed the break we had here, but it has really messed up everyone's schedules, especially Miss Emma's. I'm hoping to get everyone back on the right track tonight and tomorrow so we can start back happily:) on Thursday. I hope are having a fun week!!

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