Saturday, May 22

party day

Well after we had a double "real" birthday celebration last week, we are having a doulble birthday party this week. It will be fine this year, since Emma is only 1 and doesn't really care about the games etc :). Her My Little Pony theme won't really interfere with Levi's Batman theme lol.  I refuse to worry about doing double boy/girl party themes for when they are bigger yet. I can worry later, right? Levi is so excited about his party tomorrow that he wanted to go to bed early lol. Tomio draws the most amazing pictures on their cakes--it is so fun! Even though I know how good it will be, he never ceases to surprise me with how perfect it looks. I will try to post pics right after the party if I can!

Anyway, here is a layout of one of Levi's parties last year. This was his "real birthday" with a store bought cake. I always make the cake of their choice for their party day.
so sorry about the awful photo!! But I still wanted to share the layout :)
I love the little felt car shape by Fancy Pants. But I thought it was a little too plain. So I stiched some orange trim and white buttons on it. Isn't it too cute? lol
Last year I was in the hospital right after having Emma, on Levi's birthday. So he got to celebrate then and after I got home, hence the title :) All these pattern papers are Fancy Pants, as well as  the felt shapes. The letters are of course Quickutz. You know, I never ever use letter stickers. I know they are still really popular, but since I got my {huge collection of} Quickutz alphabets, I really haven't needed any.
Anyway, thanks for stopping by!! It's late here and I need to rest up before a party with several small children tomorrow :) 'Night!!

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