Thursday, February 17

snow time :)

We finally had some snow that stuck. The kids were sooo happy, so we spent all morning playing in it. It was actually Miss Emma's first time play in snow. She was really excited. She kept saying " 'nowing--outside!"

Leah even managed to make a little snowmand :) But it actually got so warm by early afternoon, that he melted away to a little snowball.

Here is Leah working on masterpiece.
Miss Emma enjoying the snow :)
And Levi having fun too. Levi and Emma got tired of being cold sooner than Rhys and Leah, so  I took them inside first. Rhys and Leah played out for quite awhile. It's been so much warmer these past couple days since it snowed that it's really weird lol. Glad that got play in it for at least a day though.

Thanks for popping in today. Hoping to get inky today heehee :)

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