Thursday, February 3

big plans.

I think I mentioned it before---my birthday is this Saturday. I'll be 31(!) Fortunately, it doesn't seem much of big deal anymore now that I have already hit 30 lol. Tomio and I have been together since I was 14, and he hasn't missed any of my birthdays ever. Even when I was in college in Canada, he flew out to see me (and proposed :)) So he always takes off from work, and the couple of times he couldn't manage to take the whole day off, he still came home early. This year it's Saturday, so technically he doesn't need to take off from work, but he said he would take off Friday and we could celebrate for 2 days :) Sounds good to me. We'll probably go to Outback as a family during the day, and Tomio and I supposed to go out to a movie at night! Since our girls' Christmas shopping trip was the first time since Emma came along for me to actually get to go out without any kids, it's kind of big deal. I'm excited :)Tomio and I used to go to movies a lot while we were dating heehee :) Anyway, those are our big plans for the weekend.

I like making simple cards. I always end up liking those the best. Usually if I try to add too many layers or embellishments, I end up not liking it as much. So today's is simple again. Really enjoying my Unity stamps. I wasn't really sure if I would be able to "pull them off", but they really are just fun to use :) The music background is from Impression Obsession. It's a huge square cling stamp that can cover a full card horizontally or vertically. The Flourish tree and worn grid pattern are from Unity. Like I said, simple card. I just stamped the grid and then the tree. Then I inked the edges. I adhered it before stitching so I could stitch through both layers. And that's it :)

So glad you stopped by! Happy Thursday :)

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  1. I know what you mean about simple cards - I feel the same way! I like picking a few simple elements and letting them stand on their own.

    Great card! Love the combination of stamps.