Tuesday, February 22

Just things...

Things are moving along normally here. Working out the kinks in our new school things. Tomio has been so busy at work. He's been leaving at or before 6 and not getting back till 10 or later(!) The kids barely get to see him. It's hard to imagine  now that that's how things were normally. For YEARS he never got back from work before 10, if not at 11. He only started getting home earlier when the economy went bad at the end of 2008. Things are doing better at Honda now, but I really don't want to go back to that again. At least today he got to leave at 7 :)
Now if you are wondering what these scrumptious looking bars are, they are Cinnamon chewy bars that Leah made :) They were super yummy. Leah had fun and looked so cute too :) She's wearing the apron and kerchief that my sister and and gave her for Christmas. She also made her her own cute recipe book and that's where Leah got the recipe.
They were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. Leah likes  to make things for Tomio especially, which of course always makes him happy. She usually makes sweets, though, but she surprised him and made his favorite hamburger steaks for Valentine's day: :) I just guided her while she did it all herself. Tomio was SO happy :) 

Well, I hope your week is going well :) With the really nice warmer weather we've been having lately the kids have gotten to play outside more. And that pretty much makes for a happier everyone :)
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