Monday, April 26

spring cleaning...

Wow, so sorry for the long silence. Nothing too major going on. Just working on lots of housework, spring cleaning, going through all the kids' clothes. I sorted all their clothes, weeding out the ones that are too small or stained or have holes, and I got out their spring/summer clothes and packed away their winter ones. Goodness, when you have to do 4 kids' worth it takes a LONG time lol. And in the spirit of my wonderfully neat bathroom closet, that I have mentioned before, I decided that all their closets should be that neat. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I have folded so many clothes lol. But I can also say that I have gotten alot better at folding VERY neatly. And if you had seen my drawers growing up, you'd know that is a very big deal.  Apparently, it comes naturally for some people, like my sweet hubby... *grin* But not me.I figured out I really can learn though. I think even my kids were impressed with how neat Mama is. I heard Leah tell Rhys, when he was frurtrated that he couldn't fold his clothes  like he wanted, "Mama couldn't do it that well before either. She's just been practicing lots." At least they know that Mama works hard to do better, right?! I've been working so hard on all that, I haven't been able to do anything crafty at all. But I'm finally getting close to finishing, so I think I will get to do something tonight. yay :)  I feel so proud of myself to have done well at something I never had much luck with before :)

Anyway, here is a simple little card I made last week.
I was really just wanting to play with some of my stamps that were less used. There are so many cute stamps that I just need to experiment with a little bit. So before my newest order of stamps arrives, heehee :), I decided to try using as many of those that I could. Think this one turned out pretty cute. And I was glad I worked out some fun ways to used the grass stamp. All of these are from Papertrey's Honey Bee set. Such a fun set now that I have played with it alot more :) And of course I had to use some more Double dot paper. (I'm going to need to get some of that soon!!)

Thanks so much for stopping by!!! I hope your week is starting off well :)

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