Thursday, April 1

family :)

It's April Fool's Day today :) I never was a big fan though....practical jokes just seem so it just me?
Not a big deal since they don't really celebrate it here anyway :) I'm glad spring is finally here though! Just the warm weather puts me in a better mood :)
Leah has been having a ball at her golf lessons. I think only about 16 kids got in, so she was lucky to get a spot. Five days of lessons from pros at an exclusive golf club that,according to Tomio is AMAZING :)  On the last day they get to play a full round.(all of this for only about $20!!!) She's been getting up early and going to bed early(!) I never thought I would see that happen :) No pictures though :( I hope to at least get some of her in her cute golf-sweats and hat.
The boys miss Leah when she's gone all dasy, but they have been having fun together. Lots of super hero shows and saving the day etc. heehee :) And I think Rhys is liking being the oldest kid. He's been having a little bit of a hard time with his new studies lately. But I've been trying to look at it as a chance for me to learn some more patience and find ways to help him really enjoy his studies... I'm trying :) And these past few days really seem to be going better. I was really surprised the difference it made to look at ME as the one who could change their attitude instead of him....
Since I don't really have good pics of the big kids, I thought I would at least share a picture of Miss Emma, wearing one of my favorite outfits :)  When I was choosing which photo to share,I realized that I haven't taken nearly enough photos this month. I will definitely be taking more photos this month!
Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you have a great start to April :) I'll have more crafty fun to share next time :)

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