Sunday, August 30

a new project

I have this really fun project I just started working on. For the past few months, I've been trying to make a yummy sweet thing each week. Usually something new or something I haven't made in a while. Its been really fun and the kids have loved it too. Leah will often ask "so what are we making this week?" But, I'm sad to say, after I found the recipes I wanted and printed them out off the computer, they would all end up stuffed together in a much-too-full clear folder. SO, I decided to gather up all the ones I liked and would make again sometime, and make a cute decorated recipe card for each one:) And I am decorating a cute ring binder with plastic sleeves in it to keep them in :) Doesn't that sound so cute?! I know making scrappy recipe cards is nothing new, but I have never done it before, so I'm really excited about it. I just started yesterday. I went to the store with Tomio and got the binder with the plastic sleeves. I also made the first 2 recipe cards!! They were SO fun to make! I am so glad I decided to do it. It adds another fun aspect to baking each week. Because anytime I can incorporate scrappy fun into other fun activities, I am happy :) he he :) I haven't decoarted the binder yet, so I don't have pictures of it. I will post some once it's all prettied up :)

Here are the recipe cards I have made so far:

I made this cherry cobbler for my dad on Father's Day :) It was REALLY yummy. Definitely best served warm with some vanilla ice cream...ahhh heaven:) Unfortunately, I can't seem to find any pictures of the actual cobbler :(

Here is other one I did:

Cream cheese sugar yummy!! They don't scream "cream cheese!!"lol:) but are really good. I think I actually liked them better the second day. And you don't want to over cook them. They are best a little bit soft :)

Don't they look yummy? I can't wait to make some more recipe cards :) hehe:) I already have several from the past few months to do. And of course a new one each week :)
Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you had a fun, relaxing weekend :)


  1. Those are so adorable. It makes me want to eat some of those yummy treats!

  2. great little recipe cards! very cute!