Wednesday, September 2

10 years


So I know my profile says I've been married for ten years, but really it was just 10 years this Monday on August 31st. I can hardly believe that it has actually been 10 years. It certainly doesn't seem that long! Here is what we looked like 10 years ago on our wedding day:)
Boy, we did look young :) 10 years ago we got married in Virginia and then we went to Disney World for a few days for our honeymoon :) Because Tomio could only get so many days off at one time, we then waited till April and went to Europe for 2 weeks:)
I knew Tomio was taking the day off for our anniversary, but I didn't know what he had planned. He surprised me by having reservations at the Sheraton at Disneyland here :) We always like to celebrate our anniversary trips with the kids too so they came too. It was absolutely wonderful. The room was a beautiful oceanview. And it was really fun to think about how much our family had changed since the last time we had stayed at Disney:) We swam in the pool and played in the kiddy area for awhile the first day and then went out to dinner. After dinner, Tomio surprised me by having presents sitting on the bed waiting for me :) There was a card, which he spent over an hour choosing at the store :), and a NICE tripod for my camera:)( I was SO happy to get that--I love how he knows what I want.) AND a HUGE solitaire diamond necklace!! It is gorgeous. I had no idea he was getting it!! (Plus he already got me a pair of shoes and a scrapbook magazine subscription...yes, he does spoil me.)

We spent the whole second day at Disneyland. It was just perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better anniversary :) arigato ne, Tomio :)

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  1. It certainly sounds like a perfect anniversary celebration! It looks like the kids had a great time, too! Tell Tomio that he did a good job this year!