Wednesday, May 4

Just a couple more days.

Just a couple more days of "Golden Week" left. It really was short this time. Leah had two golf tests right in a row scheduled too. She passed the first no problem, of course :) I didn't realize since she seems pass each easily each time, but apparently most kids fail each one a few times before passing. She must definitely take after her Daddy, not me. Her second one is today.

Miss has been quite under the weather the past few days. And as I may have mentioned before, she's not the...easiest of babies :) And, well, when she doesn't feel well....she's even more challenging lol. I am happy to say she is on the mend though.It was soo nice to see her smile come back yesterday :)

Here is a card that I made when I was trying to make more "vintage" or "shabby" cards. I have since realized that it really is just not my thing lol. Sometimes when I see some of the gorgeous Vintage-y cards others have made, I wish I made cards like that. But it just doesn't come naturally for me. Does that happen to you? I'm trying to embrace my clean and simple style though. It is very freeing, if that makes sense lol. ANYWAY, here is one of my attempts:

I know... it's ok, but I'm not too thrilled with it. I'm pretty sure it needs *more* to really be vintage or shabby looking...oh well, I still had fun making it though :)

And just for fun, here a CAS Christmas card that I made last year that I really liked :

 And this definitely came much more easily to me.

Ok, that's it for me. Miss Emma and I have been up since before 6 this morning (yay!...), but now it's time to get the rest of the house moving. Thanks SO much for stopping by. Oh, and could you let me know which style of cards  you tend to make? Are you able to switch styles easily? Any certain kind that you just. can't. do.? (like me...)

Hope you're having a crafty week :)

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