Wednesday, May 11

A layout ~yay!

So I started as strictly a  scrapbooker. Then I think about...3 years ago? I got into making cards more and really got into stamping too. Now I make maybe more cards than layouts simply because they are alot quicker, so even I spend the same amount of time scrapping as stamping, I won't get as many done lol. But I love both so much that if stick to one or the other for too long, I start to miss the other too much lol. Anyway, here is a layout I made of Leah :) These pictures are from 2009, and I can't believe how much older she seems now *sniff* :(

There is a little bit of stamping on this layout too. That actually makes happiest---combining stamping and scrapping :) I drew on the flourishes freehand and then pierced holes, and then stitched over them by hand. I love how they turned out though :)

Just a little journaling at the bottom.

Added a bit of stitching to the felt heart too :)

Took Emma to the doctor yesterday for her cough. She seems have raspy congested cough again. Fortunately, she loves her medicine and is excited to take. Such a blessing :) Glad she'll be feeling better soon too.

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you are having a lovely week :)

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