Tuesday, August 31

happy anniversary~

to me and my hubby :) Today, (well here in Japan), Aug. 31st is our wedding anniversary :) 11 years today. I raelly can't believe how quickly time has gone by. Tomio always tries to take off for our anniversary. But this year he has a presentation/evaluation at work TODAY, so he couldn't. He is coming home early though, and we will be going out to dinner--fun!  He also got reservations at a beachside hotel for 2 nights this weekend. I think that totally makes up for not getting to take off the whole day, don't you? :)

Here is the card I made him:
Considering for some reason I really choke and make my not-so-great cards for him , I love how this one came out. I stamped the sentiment on transparency like I did in my previous sympathy card.  There are a couple of reasons I did it this way instead of directly on the card. One is for added interest. The other is that I finished the rest of the card first and I didn't want to risk messing it all up. The pattern paper is from K& Co.

Thanks so much for stopping by!! :)Hope your week is starting off fun :)

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