Tuesday, August 24

sometimes you feel like a...

cupcake :) No new cards to share today, but I did make something else just as yummy. heehee :) Sometimes you just need a cupcake, don't you think? We didn't do anything fancy, just yellow cupcakes with chocolate icing, and sprinkles :) I absolutely LOVE this chocolate icing though!! Super easy and super yummy. My all time favorite. Even Tomio and the kids agree.
Yes, everyone enjoyed them immensely :)
Here is Miss Emma trying to pretend she didn't have any cupcakes :)
And Levi getting ready to dive in to his second one :)
They are all gone now. But I'm pretty sure we'll be making something sweet again tomorrow :)
(I hope to have some cards to show tomorrow, but Tomio has informed me that for the rest of the week he needs my scrapping desk at night for his work.  Since night is when I usually get some scrappy time, we'll have to see if I actually get any done :))

Thanks for stopping by!! Hope your week is starting off nice and sweet :)

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  1. Those look delish and the kids look like they enjoyed them so much:-) Hope you get to craft this week.