Thursday, June 17

sweet baby cheeks

Leah comes back tomorrow :) Everyone is very excited :) I'm sure she had TONS of fun, and I can't wait to hear about it. And they actually ended up with mostly hot, sunny does the whole time they were there. Which is great considering it is rainy season here and it was predicted to be pretty much rain the whole time. I'm  sure she got some good use out of her new bathing suit :) Levi and Rhys did fine together, doing lots of boy things while she has been gone. BUT, we just need everyone to be together!! Keeps feeling like we are just not right. And Daddy said he can't wait to take her golfing again heehee :)

Here is my most recent layout. I don't know if I am normal or not :), but it takes me a LONG time to finish a layout. I choose my photos, then my papers, and just that can take one day. Then I can spend another day or two deciding the placement and then deciding it again...And then, yes, another day or 2 for embellishments. But since this is what I do for fun, I figure I can take as  long as I like, right?! lol :)Anyway, here is the layout I worked on last week:
Lots and lots of stamping, which although I almost always stamp on my cards, I really don't do nearly as much on  my layouts. But all the patterns on this page are stamped.
including these squares' patterns. I stitched some beads on the crown just for a some extra bling :) These text and music stamps are some of my go-to stamps for backgrounds. The text is Papertrey and the music is the same Cornish Heritage Farms one I mentioned the other day.
Some subtle patterns on these papers too that I stamped. I also threaded some beads on the twine just for fun :)

So glad you stopped by! I hope you are having a pleasant, not-too-hot week :) It has been a little TOO hot for me the past couple of days. But fortunately I have been able to stay inside with my nice cool air conditioning :)

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