Thursday, June 10

So you are HOW old?

I mentioned before that I turned 30(!) in February. I kind of felt like it was a big deal at first, but I've gotten used to it now. It always really bugs me though that I actually have had SO much grey hair since I was about 25 that I have to dye my hair regularly to cover it up (ugh...) When we went to Disneyland the other day, the worker at the Carousel came up to me when I was in line with Leah, Rhys and Levi (Miss Emma was asleep with Daddy). She motioned to Levi and asked how old he was. I responded that he was 4. Then she motions to me and says (in true Japanese fashion with leaving out the subject) "how old?" Kind of taken by surprise, I say "me?" When she nods I say "um, 30..." Embarrassed she mumbles something about us being just fine then and walks away. Apparently, you need to be at least 16 to accompany a child 7 or younger.... hee hee :) I guess it can't be too bad if I can pass for under 16, right? lol :) And just in case you  are curious after that story, here is a picture of me from my 30th birthday....
Not really the best picture of any of us, but I don't really have any others :( I really need ot be sure to get more pictures with me in them.
Anyway, here is another layout. Wow, alot of layouts in a row instead of cards! hee:)
Oohh, I guess I shouldn't have taken the picture on my dark floor with the dark background.... I liked this paper, but it is alot busier than most pattern paper I tend to use, so I had kind of a hard time. But I think it turned out ok :)
More stitching on felt :) Definitely my current fave :)
Just a little close up of the journaling. This is fun font I downloaded for free at 2peas. Kind of fun I thought :)

Thanks for stopping by! I hope your week has been going fabulously well :) With my obvious stamp obsession :) I am enjoying Papertrey's release peeks this week :) I love all the fun inspiration. Unfortunately, they always make me want everything...what can ya do, right?! :)

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