Wednesday, June 23

nice and clean

Well, I cleaned out my fridge today :) It's been a little over a year since we moved into our new house, and I thoroughly cleaned the fridge when we moved. But goodness, it's amazing how dirty/messy your fridge can get in that short time. I mean, you just put food in it, right?! I feel so much better now though, that I did it. Every time I open the fridge, I kind of smile inside thinking "Hee, it looks so neat. I did that :)" (I realize most likely am not normal...:))'s a card :)

Just another fun little card I made using the house stamps.They are so cute even if you don't color them in :) I used rustic cream instead of white. Such a fun color, kind of like a light kraft. yum :) I used my woodgrain background stamp too. Another one that I wasn't so sure  I would that much use out of, but I do.All. the.time. Really goes with anything :) I added a little bif of turquoise for fun.

Ok, it is way past my bedtime, and since Miss Emma is sleeping well now, I like to get my sleep too. Thanks so much for stopping by! Sorry I haven't been able to share very many projects lately. The kids' school is just at one of those stages where it takes quite a lot of time....:) 'night!!

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