Sunday, December 6


Goodness! I've been busier than I expected! It turns out taking care of 3 sick kids and trying to keep house and feed a family of 6 actually DOES take alot out of you. Who'd have thought? :) But I have to say that Tomio has been very helpful :) And I could tell that he DID realize how tough it was for me. Fortunately,everyone's fevers have gone down and they've gotten so that they can eat most things without it hurting too much. I must say, I'm glad that you can't get the mumps more than once :)

Whenever I had the chance, I have been working on Christmas tags all week. This is actually the first year for me to really make tags for all the gifts I am giving, and I have been having alot of fun :) BUT, I can't believe I that I was so excited to get some done, that I addressed them and put them on the presents before I got pictures of them!!!! I did try to get a couple pictures of some I hadn't put on when I realized I hadn't taken any pictures yet.

These are just a few of the ones I made. When I showed them to the kids, they all immdediately chose their favorites and said they wanted those on their presents :) I tried to oblige as much as possible :) I don't know about most people, but I REALLY don't like mass producing anything. I hate making 2 of anything. So I made a whole bunch of differnet tags. It would probably be alot faster to make the same ones again, but I figured there was no point if I didn't have fun, right? How about you? Do you loathe mass producing like I do or find it more fun to already have the layout decided and make lots of a design that you know you like?( Btw, I used my new Papertrey's Holiday Tree set for alot of my tags, and I LOVE it!!! It's so fun and easy to use :))

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you are having a healthy holiday season!

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