Friday, September 2

Safe and sound.

We made it back from our trip to Disney Sea, all safe and sound. We all had lots of fun. Miss Emma squealed about almost everything, and liked to point to people who happened to be wearing or holding something with a Disney character on it.... yeah, there were more than a few of those there:) heehee. I'm SO glad we decided to go even though they said there would be a typhoon that day. There wasn't, and the crowds were down for Japan too.

One of the things the boys were most excited about was the Indiana Jones ride. See above. But, Levi was just a *little bit* too short. They gave him a little card that said next time he comes and is tall enough, he won't have to wait to ride. He thought that was pretty cool. And when we told him he needed to drink milk and eat lots of veggies to get taller by next time we go, he listened :) Now every time he drinks some milk he asks "do my legs look longer? Am I taller?" :)

And here is Miss Emma meeting "her", as she likes to call Elastigirl.  "Credibles" was also there, but she was too shy to actually let him get near her.

And here is Miss Emma waiting with me while the big kids rode with Daddy. She had plenty to say :)

Alright, that't it for today. We'll be back to regular cards tomorrow :) Thanks for stopping by today! I hope you have a great weekend!!

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