Sunday, September 11


Do you have some task that you just.don' to do?  I mean nothing so awful cleaning out the diaper trash can that you keep outside so you won't have to smell it or even think about it regularly. Just a pretty mundane task that you, for whatever reason, just don't want to do. For me, it's hanging back in the closet the hangers I use to hang the laundry outside to dry. See, I told you, nothing evil lol. I just don't like doing it. They are clumsy and awkward and go in the boys' room. I  of course do it every day after I bring the laundry in. But every day I half consider leaving them out on my bed (!) just to avoid putting them away. So, is just me? Or do more normal people have things they pretty much irrationally dislike doing?

Anyway, I do have a card :) Another bright and cheery one :) I have to say, I adore that bee :) It's from PTI's Springtime Doodles. And to be honest, he is the real reason I wanted that set. heehee.  He wasn't too hard to cut out either. I used my Wild Honey distress ink to stamp on the summer sunrise cardstock (again). I just love perfectly they seem to go together.

Thanks for stopping by again today! I've been doing a little bit better about going to bed early, so I'm hoping to keep it up.

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