Monday, August 1

I guess...

 I spoke too soon. Or I jinxed myself >_<  Miss Emma apparently decided  to make up for behaving during the day by screaming all night long. She speaks tons and can communicate fine, but she still wouldn't tell me why she  was unhappy with me and the world....I'm pretty sure there wasn't a real reason. oh well, sleep is overrated anyway, right?! At least no one else seems to hear her crying and get woken up.

But I still do have a card :) I mean hey, no sleep and no crafty time would be even worse. Gotta have some fun too :)

This card was fun to make :) Kind of just came together as I was playing. That's the best. And as an added bonus Tomio noticed it sitting on my desk and said "hey, that's a great card! The magazines will choose that one."  They didn't, but I still really liked it :) Love kraft and red together, and in case I hadn't mentioned it yet, I {heart} my PTI impression plates. I *need* some more. So far I think this one is my favorite.

Well, thanks so much for stopping by! I'm hoping to get a little more sleep tonight than I did last night :)

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