Thursday, August 4

i don't...

drink coffee. At all. Or tea. Or even hot chocolate. I never developed a taste for coffee or tea, and I figured why try when I know I get more than enough caffeine from my coke, right? And as for the hot chocolate, well, I just really don't like the idea of *hot* drinks. I am completely aware that I'm probably in a very small minority here.Despite my aversion to all the aforementioned drinks, I simply adore cute mugs :) I mean really, what's more fun than drinking out of a really cute mug? So I have several of my own that I use. I simply drink my coke out of them. And if you haven't tried this, I really do recommend it. It is more fun than you might think :)

I also adore coffee and other mug related stamp sets. So much so that I *almost* tried to start drinking coffee just so I could feel more justified in buying more of them. In the end I just reasoned that I could just make card for my coffee-drinking friends with the stamps. I know, my reasoning is exceptional :) Today's card I made with probably cutest set of "coffee stamps" ever. Love their rustic look.

I chose to go with a really CAS card. I love how crisp the white looks for CAS cards. I used a the matching dies to cut out the mug. And isn't the heart-shaped steam too cute?

Oh,  I have to add in a quick brag on my little golfer :) She went to her probably last competition for season on Tuesday, and she tied for 3rd!! She's has been golfing for a lot less time than most of the other kids there, and only been in a couple of competitions so far. So proud of her for all her hard work.

Thanks for stopping by today! Are you ready for the weekend? I am sure--unfortunately our "weekend" finishes today...:)

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