Sunday, July 11

too fast...

wow. This week just flew by!! Nothing too big or exciting going on. We all seem to have gotten some kind of summer cold. Really draining. I'm not sure who gets crankier Miss Emma or me :) hee:) So we have  been trying to take it a little easy this week. Not much crafty fun either--I told Tomio you know I must not be feeling good when I just rest while Emma's napping instead of playing at my scrap desk :) I hope everyone's back to their normal selves soon!

On a totally different note, have you ever had something, not even a big or important thing, that you just wished you could do, but couldn't? For me, its french braiding. I've always wished I could, but I've never really been good at it. I've tried every now and then on Leah's hair, but I would just get frustrated and just do something else. I always love the look of them though. So I decided that the only way I would ever be able to was to....practice :) ( I know. shocking isn't it?)  And I have been. My goal was to at least french braid Leah's hair once a week. So far, it's been 2 weeks, and I've done it 8 or more times :) I'm not THAT good yet, but I definitely can tell a difference. Yay me :) and fyi, Leah has the thickest hair you can imagine which actually makes it hard to do in one french braid. But I figure if I can dh hers, I can do anyone's. right? Anyway, it just felt good to be "overcoming" something that I thought I never could. When I actually get good at it I'll take a picture and post it here to prove it :) heehee:) So, how about you? Is there anything you want "beat"?!

Well, since I don't really have anything fun and crafty to share, here are a picture of Miss Emma  :)

Isn't she lovely :)?

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you are have a wonderful, sunny weekend!

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