Tuesday, July 27


Just when you think it really can't get any hotter, it does. I almost melted when I brought in the laundry this afternoon. At least it dries quickly, right? :)
Miss Emma is saying a few morw words now. Her current favorites are  "whoa" and "wow" which she says whenever she thinks something is cool or when she falls down :). And "Daddy?", which she says as a question with both of her hands out with her palms up as if to say "where's Daddy?". Then you are supposed to ask her "where's Daddy?" Sadly, the answer she usually gives for that question is "bye byes" :( But she will point to him if he is home :)

Ok... I have a card for today! yay :)

Sorry no detail shot :( Not sure why...
I actually don't use pattern paper as much on my cards. I kind of like to make my own when I can. But this orange seemed fun :) I used my much loved CHF music stamp on the pink panel at the bottom. If you look closely I *think* you can tell that the yellow has a light pattern too. I did some straight stitching down the sidese and some zigzag on the pink panel. I colored my pearls to be pink to match the flower. I also pierced some holes under the sentiment just for a little more interest.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope you are managing to stay cool :) I haven't gotten to eat nearly enough ice cream yet this summer. Needing some...preferably a double :)
And since I talked about Miss Emma, I thought I would add a picture of her too :)

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