Wednesday, July 21

another hot day...

So hot here. Really. Sometimes I wonder how people survived without air conditioning :) lol. ( I am blessed :)) Even with the air though, I seem to get things done much slower in the summer....but that's ok right? Not everything is a race :)

Ok since it IS so hot, I thought I would share a wonderful snowy picture :) This is actually a really old layout, Levi isn't even 2 yet :)

Isn't he such a cutie? :)  Not a fancy layout or anything. I can see where I would add alot more embellishments if I made it now. Really interesting to see how my style has changed... even just over the last year or so ( do you ever go back and look at your old layouts or cards you made? If they are just TOO bad, I will redo them. I leave some, just! I guess ~lol. )

And since I am showing layout of Levi, I have to share my favorite funny thing he said lately. Levi was sure Rhys was cheating at the soccer game they were playing (he wasn't, btw). So he came up to me, all distressed, and said "Mama, Rhys is being fair!" heehee :) I guess that prefix just isn't important :) I actually even corrected him saying "oh, he's being unfair?" And Levis said "Yes! He's being FAIR!" Heehee :) I didn't even try anymore after that since it was just cute anyway.

Thanks SO much for stopping by! I hope you are staying cool :)

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