Thursday, October 15

You won't believe it!!

Well, actually you probably will, but that is only because you don't know Miss Emma :) I can't believe it...yesterday, the day she turned 5 months....drumroll.... she took a nap!!! I know, I know, all babies take naps. But for Miss Emma, a nap means 10 minutes, if I'm lucky. But she actually took a nap--for over an hour! I had to check on her several times to make sure she was still breathing lol.
And here is what I have to show for it:

Well, that and really clean floors. Because I DO realize that housework should rank somewhere near the top of my to do list :)
Thanks for stopping by! Be sure to enjoy any  unexpected little blessing that might come your way!

cardstock:papertrey, stamps: papertrey & fancy pants, ribbon: papertrey, scallop border: quickutz, other: japanese rhinestones

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  1. This is gorgeous Laura! I love the soft colors and those butterflies.