Sunday, October 4

my little boy...

is not so little anymore :( Levi really seemed like my baby, now matter how big he was getting, until Emma arrived. The first time Tomio brought him to visit me in the hospital, I could not believe how big he had gotten!! But I got a little more used to it for a bit. But last week, he really turned into a kid. How did this happen?! I did it.... I made him go from this:

to this:


I can't believe how big he looks now *sniff* I love it though :) I love how "boy-ish" he looks. I love how you can see his face so much better too. And Levi loves how his hair doesn't get in his eyes anymore lol. It took awhile to do though... he had ALOT of hair. And I kept stopping and trying to decide how much to cut. And of course the hairs kept bothering him. And he kept skwirming. And then Emma woke up. And then he had to pee. But I finally got it done :) Even though he IS a big boy now, at least he still needs his mama to put him to bed and still tells me he loves me about 15 times a day :)
Here is a picture of my little Miss Emma too, just for fun :)

I think she is getting a tooth. I noticed a white speck awhile ago, but I thought it was way too early. After all, Leah didn't get her first tooth until after she was 1. But I think the white speck is getting a little bigger, and she always likes to chew on something now. Her favorite thing to chew on is her fingers though :)
No album pages to show today, unfortunately :( I actually did get a couple done, but I haven't had a chance to photograph them. But I realized I haven't posted my latest recipe card yet.  So here it is:


Nothing too fancy :) But I like having a great place to use all my food dies and stamps more he he:) I'm hoping to make at least 2 more this week. I'll let you know if I reach my goal :)

Anyway, thanks for stopping by!! I hope you had  fun weekend and enjoyed World Card Making Day :)

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