Wednesday, October 14


I don't know about you, or everyone else, but I know for ME, with 4 kids at home, homeschooling the oldest 2, the youngest only 5 months, just trying to get some kind of food on the table and getting through the day can be a challenge :) at least some of the time. That's why when I feel like I've gotten alot done, I feel really proud of myself :) It might not be a big deal for everyone else, but for me, its an accomplishment. And yesterday I felt like I accomplished alot :) The weather here was wonderful, so I decided to take the kids to the park. Not only did we get all our studies done before we left, I even packed us a picnic lunch! We spent the whole afternoon at the park, using up ALOT of extra energy :) We walked home, the kids made acorn people, and I baked cinnamon rolls :) ( I managed to utilize Emma's ten minute nap quite well lol) We ate stew, took baths, ate the cinnamon rolls, cleaned up, did chores AND got to bed on time. Like I said, for some, maybe not a big deal. But for me, it felt like quite an accomplishment. yay me:) How about you? What makes you feel like you have accomplished something?

ANYWAY, here is a layout I made recently. These are some my ultrasound pictures of Miss Emma. I loved seeing how much she had grown at each visit.It's very simple, but I liked how it really showcased the blac and white ultrasound pictures.

I LOVE these huge Quickutz letters!! Mary Jane is one of my all time favorite alphabets!! And you can't really go wrong with pink and brown in my book :)
Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you accomplish something that make YOU feel proud this week :)


  1. I don't know how you do it, my son is 15 now though he is mentally normal he has cerebral palsy which causes him problems with his mobility and the older he gets the more frustrated that he can't do the same things as his friends really gets him down. Some mornings i feel like I've accomplished the world when I've got him to get up dressed breakfasted and out to school especially when he's in a bad patch he often gets quite depressed. Other days I feel I've accomplished enough for a treat day of doing no house work but just what i want when the house is neat and tidy or like at the moment I've cleared a room of unwanted stuff and either wall washed or redecorated, but nothing compared towhat you sound like you achieve on a daily basis. You should be very proud of yourself thanks julye

  2. Julye, Glad to know I'm not the only one who feels like I've moved a mountain just by getting through the day :) I usually don't feel like I have it under control lol. You sound amazing to me--I have no idea what I'll do when mine are older!!