Saturday, October 24


I have continued to bake at least one thing each week like I decided I would. It's so fun to have a sweet treat around to eat :) Lately, they haven't been lasting very long so I have *had* to make a couple of things instead of just one :) It just seems so sad to run out lol.  It's especially fun to bake when it is chilly and rainy outside. Last week we had cinnamon rolls:

They were SO delicious!! I'm ashamed to admit that before this I don't think I had ever made them at my house since I have been married. I had made them at my mom's, but never at home for our family. So I think that made everyone extra happy to eat them... and the whole batch barely lasted a day lol.
Then this week we made ginger cookies :)ooooh, heavenly:

I actually wanted to get some more pictures of these but, they didn't last that long lol. I will definitely be making the cinnamon rolls and the ginger cookies again! I'm hoping to get some recipe cards made up for these too. I love having the cute, pretty recipe cards to go with the yummy treats. What could be better?!lol Do you do much baking in the fall and winter? What are some of your current favorites? (oh, and if you're interested in the recipes for any of these, just leave me a comment and I'll post them :))
Oh, and here is picture of Miss Emma at the park the other day:
Thanks for stopping by!! Hope you are enjoying some yummy homemade treats this weekend :

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