Wednesday, October 21

tweet card

Love the weather lately :) Not too hot, not too cold. To be honest, I 'm really picky about the weather...well, not so much outside,  I mean, its supposed to be cold in winter. I get that :) But inside the house, that's a completely different thing. With the technology we have here, there is no reason to be burning up or freezing inside your own home, right?! lol...I try not to complain too much of course, but everyone knows that a hot or cold mama= a cranky mama at our house *grin*. SO, I'm really enjoying our just-right fall weather :) I've been working on the kids' "fall party" costumes :) We don't do halloween, but that doesn't mean they can't dress up for a party :)  This year Rhys and Levi are still obsessed with Dragonball, so we will have one Goku and one Vegeta...(lucky for me, Rhys was Goku last year and Levi gets to wear it this year :)) and Leah wants to be a nurse.  They keep asking what Miss Emma will be. But I don't think I have anything that will fit her right now... it would be so cute if she did dress up though :)  Do you celebrate halloween? Do you make your costumes or buy them? I think if I lived in the States I might buy them, but here that really isn't an option anyway. But, now that I do make them, I really love seeing how excited they get about them. Their faces light up and they say "that's perfect Mama!!" It's nice to know they think its actually cooler because I made it for them :)
Anyway.... here is the card I made with my new FUN Papertrey goodies:

Most of this stuff is new for me--the bird stamps, text stamp, PTI kraft, lavender moon ribbon. I really like all of them--not a big surprise *grin*. I almost didn't get the birds because I wasn't sure I would get much use out of them, but aren't they TOO cute?! Love the long legs lol. I made this as a welcome baby card for my friend who is having a baby in March. I'm still trying to decide if I want to add a sentiment to the front or not...what do you think?!
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you're enjoying some lovely fall weather like me :)

supplies: cardstock, stamps, ribbon, buttons: papertrey, scallop border punch: fiskars

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  1. Those legs made me smile! I think a sentiment on the front of your card would be great. Something like "congrats on your new little peep"