Wednesday, October 19


I know. It feels like I have been away for like, forever.... But I honestly have not even been able to make anything lately. Which is kind of rare for me, because, well it's what I *like* to do. I think I have done pretty well on menu plans~yay! Only a couple days in, but definitely smoother for cooking and shopping :) But I feel like my brain is on overload working out our homeschool plans for the next year. Now, I am usually *not* an over-thinker, or hardly much of a planner at all. But this time working out all the plans for next year seems to have put my brain in overload. Every time I sit at my desk, I kind of just veg for a bit. I think I'm almost done with my planning finally, though, so I'm hoping for my mojo to come back soon. But, since the kids and I are ALL really excited about the new school plans, I definitely think it was worth it :)

For now, I do have a card I made a little bit ago to share though :) Nothing really fancy or special, just one of the cards I made when I was playing with my new stamps :) And I love them all, by the way :) Especially the envelope background from Hero Arts that I used on this card. It was one of  the ones that when in and out of my cart several times. So glad I left it in :)

Thanks for stopping by! Hope your week is going great!!

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