Saturday, July 9

too big :(

Oh my word!! Why do kids have to grow up so quickly?! I canNOT believe how big all of them have gotten. Especially Leah. When we first moved into this house just before Miss Emma was born, Leah still seemed like a "little kid". But now, goodness, she comes up to my forehead!! She's way taller than I was at 10. She's always had pretty long hair (which is another opposite of me, I always had short hair when I was a kid). We didn't even trim it after she was 5. But she has A LOT of hair--really thick and really heavy. So she's been keeping it at around the middle of her back. Yesterday, though, she went in to where I get my hair cut, and got it cut quite a bit. She took in her magazine with the style she liked and told them what she wanted :) It's SO cute now! I love it and she loves it. But, it definitely makes her look even older :( sigh...

This is what my pretty, big girl looks like now :) Oh, and this amazing girl just tied her Daddy at golf too. She actually got an 85. Pretty stinkin' amazing for a 10 year old. And, yes, I am very proud of my girl :)

Ok, I'm done bragging, at least for today :) Tomorrow I'll be sure to share some more crafty things :)
Thanks for stopping by! Hope you are staying cool!

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