Sunday, July 24

no card...

So I don't have a card for today. Still working on family (read: discipline) things lately. Even though all my older kids were weaned from their bottles much sooner, has still been taking hers for comfort. I'd been meaning to wean her from it anyway, so today when she seemed to have lost it (again!) and I really couldn't find, I just told her she had to make do with her sippy cup. She managed just fine of course. I even was able to put her to bed without her bottle, which is a pretty big feat, especially if you know Miss Emma and, stubbornness. It did take her longer to actully go to sleep, but I'm hoping it will improve her overall sleep though :) Hey, maybe if I'm lucky she'll start sleeping in a little, maybe even make to 6 sometimes. yeah, better not get my hopes up lol :) Anyway, that and school just has been taking a up a lot of time, so not enough crafty time left it seems. I'll have to be sure to adjust that for sure. Too many days without making cards isn't good for the soul :)

But, as I'm sure you are well aware, every good blog post must have pictures, right? So how about some of
my little Miss Emma?

I  {heart} her happy smile :) And her wild hair :) It's always extra fuzzy and cute after her naps lol. I so hope her curls stay! All the rest of us have straight her--she gets the curls from her Papa.

Anyway, that's all for me today. I *did* manage to clean up my desk, so hopefully I'll get some creating done too. Hope you had a great weekend :)

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