Tuesday, July 26

some elegance...

I don't usually make very "elegant" cards. Or very elegant anything for that matter lol, it's just not "me". But for some reason that's how this card turned out. And when I showed it to Leah ( I usually show her most things I make since she will appropriately ooh and aah and say things like "oh, you heat embossed that flower?" or "oh, that's the new stamp you got, isn't it?")  the first thing she said was "It's pretty! So...elegant."

I'm thinking it must be the color choices? I must admit I pretty much almost never use silver. I think this might be the only sheet of silver cardstock I have. But I had fun. I really like how it turned out stamping the black script and the doing the clear embossing over it. The script background , by the way, is exactly what I had been wanting. I had been searching for a pretty whole background script stamp for a long time, and knew this one was perfect when I found it :) The link is to the store where I got it too, the have excellent overseas shipping :) All the other stamps are from PTI :)

I was happy to use ribbon on this card. I was beginning to be afraid I wasn't the ribbon type anymore(!) I think it was just a phase :)

Oh, in case you were wondering, Miss Emma is doing just great without her bottle~yay :) She now just asks for her "elephant", which is what she calls her sippy cup :) You know, because it has a picture of an elephant on it. It's fun to hear her say "Mama, can we have more elephant, please?" :) (she never asks for things just herself, it's always "we")

Thanks for stopping by!! I have laundry to hang out and school to teach. I hope you have some fun planned too :)

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