Monday, March 19

Fun party :)

I can't believe my little boy is 9 (ok technically he won't actually be 9 till Sunday, but you get the idea) I keep telling them I won't let them grow up, but somehow they won't listen to me...sigh. At least they can have fun celebrating it though, right?

We always make a big deal of birthdays at our house. There's a party

Which is lots of fun. with cousins, and games and well, fun of course :)
 a Ninja-head pinata, is a must :)
(disclaimer: this year Rhys celebrated his birthday together with his best bud, cousin Hunter. The party was held at cousin Hunter's house, with all decorations provided by his mother, Aunt Coo'gug)

With a homemade cake by me, that is decorated (read: drawn and turned into a work of art) by Daddy.

He chose a cheesecake this year. I can't say I wasn't happy when he chose a no-bake frozen one over the Japanese souffle-type(cough-temperamental-cough) cheese cake. And with no coaxing from me :) I turned out really yummy too, so I'm sure we'll be making it again. Oh, and if you couldn't tell from the cake, the theme was Ninjago legos :)

So glad they had lots of fun :)  But it's not over yet. His "real birthday" is the 25th, and there will be more fun that day too :) Daddy always takes off from work on their real birthdays and we celebrate again as a family.

Alight, sorry no card today. But probably more than enough pictures anyway :) Hope to post one tomorrow though.

Thanks so much for stopping by!!

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