Thursday, May 2

not as expected...

Our golden week certainly has gone nothing like I expected (or hoped).... It started with Rhys getting a bad stomach bug Sunday evening...and then we all ended up with it, in turns. We also took Rhys to the doctor to see about having his adenoids removed for his chronic nose issues. That alone would have been enough, but then Tomio seems to have gotten unexplainable, spontaneous hearing loss in his right ear. He's been to the doctor for it a couple of times now and is taking some meds. All we can do now is pray....

Anyway...all that has totally changed our "fun" plans for Golden Week. Leah did still make it to her church camp, though. And we rented some fun dvds to watch as a family. I was hoping to stamp, but haven't been up to it or had much time. But I hate to finally post after this long and not have a card. So, here is one I made a couple of weeks ago:

It is a smaller card. I heat embossed the sentiment. I don't have black embossing powder or black pigment ink, so I did it with my black soot distress ink, and it worked well :)

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you have been having a restful week!

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