Friday, May 31

I did it :)

I'm pretty sure I mentioned that when we moved out here, I had to get my Japanese drivers license. I'd had my American one since I was 19, but not having a Japanese one, I really haven't had a whole lot of experience driving around. Moving here, though,  I really haven't had much of choice and I have been driving all around going to doctors, dentists, classes and shopping. I am SO grateful to be able to. I often wished I was able to do more on my own before, and  now I do. And it  bears repeating--I am SOOO grateful that I can. But I have mostly limited myself to around here. Nothing too far, and definitely not anywhere I haven't been before. Not anymore though. Yesterday, not only did I take Rhys to his nose doctor in the city, but I drove almost 2 hours to pick up Leah at her golf tournament, at a place I had never, ever been before. It might not seem like a big deal for someone else, but trust me, for me, it is. I have no innate sense of direction, unfortunately. And I am not the adventurous kind either. And I only moved here about 6 months ago. But I did it, without any problems any problems at all. For me, it is a big accomplishment. yay :)

okay... and I have a card too.

just a simple one. I really like these little vases from Papertrey. So fun to stamp in lots of different ways.

Thanks for stopping by today!! We are supposed to go air conditioner hunting today, so I'm excited :)

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