Saturday, March 2

new things.

I like "new" things. As in, I like change and having to do new things. That's I wasn't too worried about having to move and find new everything-- doctor, dentist, church, hair salon... I just think it makes things exciting :) But sometimes it can be hard, and you end up having to keep trying to find ones that suit you and your family. Leah wanted to get her hair done, so she and I tried out a salon. It can be hard enough just to find a place that you like, but it is even harder to find a place that knows what to do with non-asian hair. Unfortunately, it didn't really work out well *~* She really messed up Leah's long hair.....So we tried a different salon.  And after having him cut my hair, Levi's hair and Leah's hair, I'm am pertty impressed :) He totally saw what was wrong with Leah's and fixed it, made Levi's look cute, and even colored mine nicely. yay :)

see? :) Aren't they cute? :) There was a really big difference in how I felt after I left the salon. It was nice to feel like he actually listened and did what he could to give you what you asked for.

I know it probably doesn't seem like a big deal, but it was just nice to feel like I found one the many things we needed here. So today, I'm happy :)

And I do have a card too. I used stamps from Unity, Hero Arts, Impression Obsession and Papertrey Ink on this card. I thought about adding a sentiment, but I just couldn't seem to find a place to put it that I liked, so I just decided to go without.

Thanks for stopping by today!! I hope you are having a super fun day :)

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