Wednesday, January 16

I'm lucky....

enough to have stamping/scrapping room in our house here. When I found out we had to move, that was one of the things I thought might not get to have. So I am very thankful to still have one :) It's not the same as my old one though, so I am still working on it. It's coming along, though :) I spent some more time in there today, and had lots of fun :) Miss Emma even joined me and colored in a bunch stamps while I made cards.

Here is a card I made. I love the circle stamp set I used for the border. Really is so fun to use. I also really like the look of red and kraft together. (Confession--this is actually the second time I made this card. I completely finished it once, and flipped over the front panel to put adhesive on it....only there was ink left on my desk I got a huge ink spot on the front :( So I made the whole front panel again. Please tell I'm not the only one who has done that *~*)

Thanks for stopping by again today! Hope you are staying warm. While I kept hearing how cold it would be here in Kumamoto the winter has been surprisingly mild so far. yay:)

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