Monday, June 11


It's that time of year here--summer camp for my kiddos.  Levi is still too little to go, but both Leah and Rhys will go. Rhys's is this week and Leah's is next week. They are beyond excited and have a wonderful time :) I, on the other hand, am not nearly as excited :( Since I homeschool, I see them all day, everyday. Now of course, that does mean that, yes, every now and then I *do* need a break. But, when they are gone, goodness, I miss them!! So do their brothers and sisters too. I guess it's not a bad thing for them to realize how much they actually like each other though :)

Okay---on to today's card. This one I just sort of started stamping and playing and then it just slowly came together. I just kept trying out some of my faves. I haven't used the chevron stripes a lot yet, but I can tell already that I like them :) I love finding new stamps to make pretty backgrounds with. The butterflies are from Clear Dollar stamps. Oh, and the chevrons are from Papertrey. I debated where to get some, since so many companies have them now. In the end, I went with the Papertrey one because I thought it would be most versatile since I could switch around the patterns of different strips. Also makes it easy to add just a border, like I did in this card.

And that's it :) I stayed up way too late last night, and I am off to bed. Thank you SO much for stopping by!!

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