Tuesday, November 15

I'm not really

a busy person, lol :) I can go days without leaving the house.  But then there are a couple of times a year where we have several things going on and I actually feel like I am "busy". This happens to be one of those times. The kids had double swimming this past week, we went to a new church, we had our annual "girls' shopping trip" on Monday, and then today we had our "fall party". And, the rest of our school books came, so I've been going over that too...goodness. Fortunately, it is "good" busy. All fun things :) Still, I'm hoping for a little more down time over the next few days (but not counting on it).

Here is a card for today. I know, I am going to try to use some other flowers more too. But these are just so pretty and easy to use :) I really like the matching die cuts too.

well, I am tired tonight, so it's going to be another quick post. Thanks so much for stopping by today! I hope you are having a great week so far!!

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