Thursday, November 24

date fun :)

Tomio and I went out on a date yesterday :) It was, must say, super fun :) We honestly don't get out just the 2 of  us very much at all (I'm pretty sure at most, this was the 2nd time this year...) Now, I love my 4 peeps and I really wouldn't have it any other way. But it was really fun. And the kids were thrilled to hear Mama and Daddy were going on a date, 'cause that meant they got to spend the afternoon with Nana and Papa. So it's win-win :) We had dinner and a movie--just like back when we were young and dating heehee. 17 years together and it's still fun :) We stayed out a little later than we had planned, and the kids still weren't ready to leave Nana and Papa's though.

Ok. I have another flower card today. Some more of my favorite Unity stamps. The sentiment is from PTI though. The card is made out of the blue, and then I used the white negative from the diecut label as a frame. I also impressed the white frame for some detail too.

Thanks for stopping by everyone!! Happy Thanksgiving :)

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