Sunday, July 21


Before we moved to Kumamoto, (as I have mentioned before) I had no license and no car. But I do now. Things were different right from the start--I took the kids to the new doctors I found by myself, did the shopping by myself. And when I say "by myself", I mean me with four kids in tow :) But gradually, things have gotten even more different. Tomio will take Leah to golf while I take the boys to karate. I drove up and met Tomio and Leah at a restaurant after they got back from a round of golf. And then today, we actually drove to church in two separate cars, since they were going to golf and I had a meeting after church. It's all good stuff, of course. But like I said, different. Especially for someone who was really pretty much unable to go anywhere "by myself." Things are good here. We've been here about 9 months, and things are good :)

Ok---here's a card for today.

I'm really liking the black and kraft. I added some clear embossing at the bottom for interest.
All stamps and cardstock are from Papertrey Ink.

Thanks for stopping by!! Are you ready for Monday?? I don't think I am....

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