Friday, June 28


Wow, I've been so busy lately, that I have barely had any time to stamp at all. Really hoping I can set aside some specific "fun time" once I get a routine down. BUT, we did get my air conditioner last week :) Well, technically it hasn't arrived yet, but it is paid for and on its way. YAY! I'm excited.

Okay, so a quick card before I put Miss Emma to bed. All the bigs are at golf and karate right now, it is just the two of us here.

I was just kind of playing around when I made this card. This was actually the one stamp in this set I thought I would never use. But I kind of wanted to try it, and I liked the idea of making a rainbow with it. Once I decided what I wanted to do, it was pretty quick. The stamps are from Papertrey and the inks are from Papertrey and Jenni Bowlin.

Thanks for stopping by!! I hope you have a great day! I am really glad the weekend is here :)

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