Sunday, December 11

tags, tags, tags...

I really like making Christmas tags :) I like how quick they are and how you can make them pretty much any shape and size you want. I also really like how my kiddos all look under the tree and see if there are any more tags with their names on them each morning :) But between making tags for my family and for my mother's church get together, I've made over 70 tags this year. Now that's a lot of tags. And since I don't like making the same thing more than once, they were all different. I think I can say, for now, I'm done with tags for at least a few days heehee :) I don't have pictures of all of them, but here are few:

I really like this little snowman :)
And these snowflakes from Verve are just gorgeous.

Here's another.

 I really like the colors of this one.
The ones under our tree are mostly more cute though, with Santa and reindeer. I'll try to get some pics of those too, if  I can.

 Have you finished all your Christmas shopping? I think we have, from the looks of our tree :) heehee :)

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